Diary of a Newcomer Part II

Rukaya’s Story Part II – Learning every day

I have been with Harrington and Hallworth for over a month now and I’m discovering new things every day. It has been really exciting to learn all about diamonds, the most precious stones on the planet. I didn’t know that they were formed billions of years ago, or that they are composed of carbon.

High temperature, high pressure

I found out that the carbon is buried over 100 miles below the earth’s surface and gets heated to a very high temperature, squeezed by very high pressure and then cooled. I think it’s fascinating just to think that diamonds were originally black. After all they go through, no wonder they’re a girl’s best friend.

The 4 Cs

I often wondered how you can tell which diamonds are the best. Well my showroom manager told me there are four factors that decide a diamond’s value and they’re called the 4 Cs: colour, carat, clarity and cut. A colourless stone is the best grade which is graded D and the scale goes up to Z. Carat refers to the weight and size of the stone, while clarity is determined by how clear the diamond is and how many imperfections – called inclusions – there are. The cut is not just the shape of the stone as you might think. It’s also to do with how well it is cut. There are many different styles and the main ones are Princess, Marquise, Pear, Round and Emerald.

The fifth C

Jewellers will actually often refer to a fifth C and this is the certificate, which is issued by many different independent companies. We prefer the GIA (Gemmology Institute of America) and guarantees the value and authenticity of the stone. When you’re buying diamonds I recommend you choose one with a certificate because it gives you an extra assurance of quality.

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